Riding your bike to the GO train or TTC subway this spring? The survey says you’d better get there early!

Bike to Transit Report 2015A survey of 100 regular Cycle-Transit Users in Burlington, Pickering and Toronto, Ontario, and select other Greater Toronto Area communities, conducted in the summer of 2014 shows that bike parking is about to get very tight, and in the coming years even tighter, in bike shelters and at bike rings outside transit stations across the GTA. Continue reading

Yes… You can get there from here!

Bike to Transit 2014 – the pilot project – is done, but don’t let that stop you!

Bike to Transit encouraged ordinary citizens – living within a three kilometre radius of Pickering, Burlington and select Toronto transit stations, to ride their bikes weekdays to the GO Train or TTC Subway to get to work and back.

Starting in July 2014 in Burlington, then August in Pickering, we greeted, talked with and surveyed local cyclists. And took the opportunity to encourage all commuters to think about a different way of getting to work.

In the summer of 2014, we talked with cycle-transit users onsite at:
Aldershot GO train station: July 14 to 17
Appleby GO train station: July 21 to 24
Burlington GO train station: July 28 to 31
Pickering GO train station: August 11 to 14

Plus in August, Bike to Transit featured looks at select biking to transit TTC subway and GO train station sites and parking across Toronto.

Those surveyed – had a chance to win a prize!

Those who connected with transit at any train, subway station, streetcar or bus stop across the region, and filled in the Bike to Transit 2014 Survey, had their name and email address entered in the Bike to Transit 2014 Raffle held on August 30.

Talk about Bike to Transit on Twitter and Facebook, please!

So please, keep on biking to transit this spring, summer and fall. And tell us about it on Twitter – hashtag #biketotransit. Or tell people about it on Facebook  – hashtag #biketotransit.

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We’re getting there!

And a big THANK YOU to the following organizations for their Letters of Support for Bike to Transit 2014 (click on logo to open letter):
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